Jim Wertz

On the Issues

Defending democracy.
Protecting abortion.
Respecting workers.
Funding education.
Defending Democracy

Jim Wertz believes in the integrity of our elections. He will oppose all voter suppression and hold those who undermine our democracy accountable.

Protecting Abortion

Abortion rights are under attack in Pennsylvania and across the country. Jim is committed to a constitutional amendment that protects the right to choose.

Respecting Workers

A union leader who was raised by a working single mother, Jim will defend our right to unionize, ensure worker safety, and guarantee higher wages.

Funding Education

As a teacher and a parent, Jim knows the real costs of education. School funding for pre-K through high school sets the path for success. Access to higher education, including the Erie County Community College, trade schools, and union apprenticeships expands professional opportunities and strengthens our workforce, building a stronger economy and a stronger community.